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1 10 2014

keep calm and hug a loan officerTo Whom It May Concern:

My husband and I recently had the pleasure of working with Linda Fox as our Mortgage Lender. We were given several lenders to choose from and Linda happened to be the first one we contacted. From the first few minutes of talking with her, I could tell that she was the right choice. That personal connection was the key!

Buying a home is a difficult situation and Linda did everything in her power to make the process as smooth and easy as possible for us. We had so many questions as we went through the loan process, and Linda was always there with either an immediate email or phone call to answer the question and further clarify anything that we did not understand.

We could not have felt more personally connected to someone than we did with Linda. There was never an issue too small or too big that she did not handle for us.

Early in the loan process we went through two other potential home purchases that did not go through. Linda did not “give up” on us as clients and was supportive and concerned about our situation.

There was always an encouraging email or phone message to see if we were doing ok or to remind us of something that was needed for the loan.

Coming to our closing was definitely not necessary, but by doing so Linda really showed how much she appreciated our business.

I highly recommend Linda Fox as an outstanding Mortgage Loan Officer and have already recommended her to several friends of ours. She is excellent at her job and goes the extra mile to make each of her clients feel special.

-Kim in Lemont



A great way to end the week

1 08 2014

I_am_focused_picI would like to take the opportunity to tell you how much I appreciate all of Linda Fox’s assistance with the recent purchase of my home. Linda was very attentive and kept me informed along the way. Linda was able to make an otherwise arduous task, easy. I will definitely recommend Avenue Mortgage and specifically Linda Fox to any prospective home buyers seeking a mortgage.


LC  in Naperville

A lovely letter

2 06 2014

mark_twain_I_can_live_for_two_monthsDear Linda,
We are delighted to recommend your services to any prospective homebuyer. You were very easy to work with and explained the mortgage process to us in a manner that made it easy to understand. You listened to all of our questions and responded in a timely manner. You helped us stay on top of things and followed up if you needed any additional information or documents. The most important thing for us was that you helped us stay within our budged and did not push us to overextend on our monthly budget. You have even been helpful after the closing date with any additional follow up questions. You made us feel at ease and coached us along the way. We hope future clients have the same experience we had.
-S and T in Aurora

I loved working with this first time home buying couple. The best part? Watching them get the keys to their new home (yes! I attend all of my closings).

a truly rewarding success story

16 05 2014

first_time_home_buyersIt is with great enthusiasm that we recommend Linda Fox as your mortgage loan originator. Her dedication to us, both personally and professionally was something truly special during our loan and house buying process.

Linda was not originally the loan originator that we had gone with. When we put our offer in on our house there were stipulations that required closing to happen within thirty days. This was a short time span and it is because of Linda that we were able to hit all deadlines and get the house that we wanted in the end. She was recommended by our realtor and we didn’t know what to expect going in because we were originally using a close friend.

From the first time we met we knew we had something great. She was extremely dedicated to helping us (our first meeting occurred at her house at 9 p.m. on a Thursday). She was flexible and tenacious. Emails consistently kept us updated and she was always available over the phone. Deadlines were tight, but she made it work and hounded folks to make sure everything went through in a timely fashion.

Also unique was she was at closing! She was invested in the process and saw it through. We thought that was really unique and special.

Our professions are a college lacrosse coach and a personal trainer, and we would say that Linda “gets it done.” Of all the horror stories and pain that people had told us closing on a house was, specifically in regards to the loan, it was surprisingly a breeze for us and we think Linda was a big part of why it was so easy. We are eternally grateful that we got the house we wanted and we would highly recommend her to help you get the house of your dreams!


– Oswego, IL

I will ride high on this sweet Letter of Recommendation for the next few days!

24 02 2014

keusIt is my pleasure to highly recommend Ms. Linda Fox for her excellent mortgage brokering services. I recently (July 2013) had her assist me in getting a mortgage, and I couldn’t be happier with the service.

Linda was extremely professional and helpful throughout the entire process. She informed me of different loan options I could avail of, their pros and cons, and worked with some significant constraints I had in terms of choosing an end lender. She communicated very clearly and in a timely manner, and was very responsive regardless of the time of day or week. I always felt like Linda had my best interests in mind, and I never tried to push something that wasn’t a good fit for my needs.

As a result of Linda’s assistance, I was able to close my home purchase on time and received a rate I was very happy with. I would be happy to work with Linda again, and would highly recommend her to any of my friends looking to purchase a house or refinance.

-A.K. in Naperville

A very thoughtful Letter of Recommendation…

20 01 2014

keysI have been a sheriff for 36 years and met Linda Fox while I was going through turmoil and a tense time trying to get a loan from another company. She really came through for me. She walked me through every part of the loan process and made an arduous situation gratifying.

At the closing, Linda was the utmost professional and yet made it an enjoyable experience. She went above and beyond. It was an easy transition and it was due to Linda, who took the time out for the little details. And, to this day, I can pick up the phone to call Linda to address any questions or concerns. She is always there, friendly, and thoughtful.

I can’t stress enough, if you need a loan, Linda is the person for you. Why you would go anywhere else is beyond me.

Sincerely yours, Robert

From the Virgin Islands to Chicago- a Very Thoughtful Recommendation

3 09 2013

September 1, 2013


            My family and I had lived in the state of Delaware previously for ten years. My employer was closing down, so I looked for a new position.  I found a position in the Caribbean.  We moved to St. Croix (USVI) and lived there for three and a half years.  We returned to the states in August 2012 and moved to Chicago.  I went to work for an international pump repair company based in Chicago.  The Company supplied us with a completely furnished apartment, free for one year including all utilities.

My wife went to work finding a permanent home for us to purchase and move into. After an exhausting search my wife found a lovely town home in Orland Park, IL.  The builder had a working relationship with the AVENUE Mortgage Corp. from Naperville, IL. My wife contacted them and we were assigned Linda Fox as our Mortgage Professional.

Linda helped us work through many unforeseen problems on my part:

  • We had not filed Federal Income Tax Returns for three years, because only USVI returns were required wile living in the Virgin Islands.
  • We had no current rental agreement to present.
  • We had no current Utility Bills to establish a payment history.

Linda Fox identified the need early on to establish the source of funds on our deposits, acquire USVI Tax Transcripts, and documentation to support all financial transition for the past several years.  Linda was continually in communication with us so we could develop the paperwork package to support our financial status.  Linda’s dedication and personal commitment to us her client, the builder, and her employer to complete the home closing are unsurpassed in the five previous homes my wife and I have purchased.  My work schedule is very demanding and Linda was extremely flexible and endlessly accommodating to help us out.

Thank you,