The People Living in Lower Wacker during Winter

21 01 2014

sweet_joeI wanted to write about the amazing opportunity I had yesterday to give shoes, clothes, and food to the homeless people on Lower Wacker in Chicago.

If you think of it…pray for:

George: he has a tumor in his kidneys
Red: a gentle man who has been on Lower Wacker downtown_chicagofor a couple years. He fell and is in obvious pain.
Joe (pictured here): I call him “Sweet Joe” because he had the kindest eyes and most gentle nature. He asked to pray for help to get off the streets.

Steve asked for work in the New Year. Reggie just wanted to pray.

(This next section is beautifully written by my friend, David. See his blog post called “Life Below the City” in the hyperlink below.) “They were so appreciative for the expression of love and care for them. The clothes and food are a way showing these hurting people that God loves them and someone cares. The sheer monotony of being homeless is stressful on them. I have known many for over 8 years and …they are always down there, (4th of July, Christmas, beautiful summer days….yet they are always under the city on a mattress struggling to survive). Most will die there. They need the hope of the next life, because most aren’t ‘successful’ at this life and never will be (depression, social skills, passed criminal records, addictions, physical or mental incapable).

The GOOD NEWS is the there is hope that transcends this world! I believe for those who surrender to this Hope their best days are ahead of them!”


IHSA Volleyball Championships- November 10, 2012

14 11 2012

I had the cool opportunity the other day to announce for the IHSA Volleyball Championships for 1A, 2A, 3A, and 4A divisions in Bloomington/Normal, IL. I used to do some announcing for the Purdue Boilermakers out of West Lafayette, IN, after having played there for 4 years. It was really fun for me to see some of the other side of volleyball – the production side. A few years later I interviewed for the BIG 10 Network, and thankfully didn’t get the job…I don’t know what I was thinking. I can barely function right now with two little ones and a full time job. I don’t have time for a weekly announcing job as well! But anyway, that’s how the IHSA got my information.

I was the “color analyst”, and Michelle (in the picture with me) was the “play by play” commentator. I had never worked with her before but she was fantastic! She did a great job of leading me in the conversation. My job was to add some interesting information (not sure how successful I was in that) for example the technical side of a play, strategy, or athletic move. Once I couldn’t help myself and commented on the coach’s beautiful shoes. (At that point I felt like I was in the movie Steel Magnolias; those of you who have seen it know what I’m referring to.)

They said about 60,000 fans tuned into the broadcast. It was a full day of volleyball and a little unnerving at times but totally worth it. I feel like if I can take a few risks it makes my life more interesting and I feel a little bit more alive. I definitely had my moments, thinking, “What the heck did I get myself into?” but I think it worked out in the end. At least I hope the 60,000 think so. Congratulations to all 16 teams who made it into the finals, and God willing, maybe I’ll see you next year!

Free Time Hobbies

30 08 2011

Here are just a couple of pictures of my sewing room and what’s in it…. it’s an eternal disaster (isn’t that what sewing rooms are supposed to be like?), but if I can’t see the material and yarn that I have then I forget about it. I like to crochet (blankets, hats, scarves) and sew (quilts, children’s jammie pants, little stuffed animals). I also love playing with my kids… right now they LOVE anything having to do with trains or trucks. My ideal Saturday morning includes a nice cup of coffee, a bike ride with family, and getting the kitchen nice and organized.