I was inspired to write a letter to my boys for now, 5 years from now, 10 years from now, and beyond-

9 09 2013

Dear Henry and Kenny,

You are growing up so quickly. Now that you’re 4 and 5 you are trading our house for school, stroller rides for bus rides… and you are adding your teacher’s authority to your parents’ authority. You will be influenced more and more by those around you. Just today, in your sweetest and most innocent voice you said, “Mommy, I made a new friend. Her name is Annie.” I love that you are getting more independent. I love that you have new friends. I love that you love your teacher, and accidentally call her “mom” instead of me. But my darlings, now and in the years to come, the world will teach you what I don’t want you to learn. I can’t shield you forever, but I can let you know, in the clearest way possible, how I hope you will live in this world.

In Elementary School: be the first one to say “hi,” let the little girls go first, speak to your teachers with respect, tell people “It is nice to meet you,” as you look them in the eye, ask your friends how they’re feeling, let them play with your toys, and ask them what they would like to do, play with the kids who are by themselves, ask them to join in your game, and Henry and Kenny, be each other’s best friend.

In Junior High: ask the really tall girl if she’d like to dance with you, stand up for the kid who gets picked on, don’t pick a fight with your teacher, participate in every sport you can, do your homework during study hall so you can play with your friends later, help with the dishes, bring me your laundry and offer to carry it back upstairs, tell your dad that he’s a good dad, tell your friends “no” if they ask you to do something you know isn’t right, and Henry and Kenny, be each other’s best friend.

In High School: gently remind your friends who they can be, inspire them to make good choices, make conversation with your friends’ parents, be serious about what you want to accomplish in school, set goals and work toward them, get a job and pay for your own gasoline, before asking a girl to date you- ask her father, honor that relationship by being the one to set the boundaries, limit your touching to hand-holding, talk to me and your dad about what worries you, plan for your future, do what you say you are going to do, and Henry and Kenny, be each other’s best friend.

In College and Beyond: be the leader, show up on time, know what you believe and why you believe it, be prepared to answer questions about your faith, treat each and every person with respect, take time to reflect and learn and enjoy, invite others to share in your life, bring people home for Thanksgiving and Christmas who can’t get home to be with their own families, travel to other countries, learn another language, choose a woman who you are proud of and commit the rest of your life to her and her alone, be courageous enough to stand alone if you truly think something is right, and Henry and Kenny, be each other’s best friend.

Boys, young adults, men, my sweet babies:

I pray that you hold fast to Jesus and acknowledge Him in all your ways. I will unconditionally love you for all of my days,

Love, Mom




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10 09 2013

What a beautiful letter you wrote to your sweet boys! I love this idea!

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