From the Virgin Islands to Chicago- a Very Thoughtful Recommendation

3 09 2013

September 1, 2013


            My family and I had lived in the state of Delaware previously for ten years. My employer was closing down, so I looked for a new position.  I found a position in the Caribbean.  We moved to St. Croix (USVI) and lived there for three and a half years.  We returned to the states in August 2012 and moved to Chicago.  I went to work for an international pump repair company based in Chicago.  The Company supplied us with a completely furnished apartment, free for one year including all utilities.

My wife went to work finding a permanent home for us to purchase and move into. After an exhausting search my wife found a lovely town home in Orland Park, IL.  The builder had a working relationship with the AVENUE Mortgage Corp. from Naperville, IL. My wife contacted them and we were assigned Linda Fox as our Mortgage Professional.

Linda helped us work through many unforeseen problems on my part:

  • We had not filed Federal Income Tax Returns for three years, because only USVI returns were required wile living in the Virgin Islands.
  • We had no current rental agreement to present.
  • We had no current Utility Bills to establish a payment history.

Linda Fox identified the need early on to establish the source of funds on our deposits, acquire USVI Tax Transcripts, and documentation to support all financial transition for the past several years.  Linda was continually in communication with us so we could develop the paperwork package to support our financial status.  Linda’s dedication and personal commitment to us her client, the builder, and her employer to complete the home closing are unsurpassed in the five previous homes my wife and I have purchased.  My work schedule is very demanding and Linda was extremely flexible and endlessly accommodating to help us out.

Thank you,





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