Getting ready for the 1st day of School

29 07 2013

school_supply_2013_2I feel like we went through a rite of passage this weekend: we took our boys school shopping for the first time! It was a special day for all of us, and even though one of the backpack choices was Dora the Explorer, it all ended well. (The end choice was Super Man.)

Our bigger-little one is going into Kindergarten and our little-little one is headed for his first year of Pre-School. This will be the first time that the boys are separated for the school day and it will be an interesting transition for our family. Henry will get on a bus for the first time. We will be on a set schedule. Teeth will have to be brushed by a certain time. I will have to awaken my sleeping beauties from their slumber. We’ll now experience half-days, parent/teacher conferences, and Gym class. And for Henry, his classes will be in Spanish. He literally won the lottery: forty children were signed up for the class but only thirteen were accepted (not on merit, but just because their name was picked from a hat).

I like the start of the school year. I like the excitement, the routine, the daily changes I see in the children. I used to be a teacher, and I think the first day of class excited me as much as the students. I can’t wait to look back on the end of the 2013-2014 year to see how my children have grown and how we have changed as a family.




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