What does she hope for?

25 01 2013

My soul was captured today and her name is Stacy. I hope I get to see her again; we barely spoke but I have so much I want to ask her. I gave her a pair of jeans and a donut. She was so appreciative; you would have thought I had given her $100. I met 15 other people like Stacy today, living under Lower Wacker, but I think Stacy just may have been an angel. She looked angelic to me, with her thin white face and her tiny frame. Her image will forever be in my mind. How did she end up homeless? Why is she living on the streets? What happened in her 20 something years that she has nowhere to go? Oh Lord, I hope that child is loved.

Does she hope to get off the streets? I cannot imagine a life without hope. How do you get yourself out of bed without hope? How do you function without hope? Does she believe that this world holds the keys to all things, or does she hope in a life everlasting? I hope I get to see her again.




One response

27 01 2013

Linda, you are one special women! I admire your love for people, the world and GOD! Hope is always something near and dear to my heart. I will pray for Stacy and the homeless that they have hope. Thank you for being an inspiration to me and many of the lives you touch each and every day. I am so happy we are friends!

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