“He restores my soul”

16 12 2012

I’ve been thinking about Psalm 23 lately. I “sort of knew it” in the sense that I could recognize the words and could give a particular reference, but a few days ago I felt it important to commit it to memory. I think most people have at some point heard the words, “The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.” And the verse, “He makes me lie down in green pastures; He leads me beside still waters” also is fairly recognizable. But the next sentence -” He restores my soul.”- that was new to me and caused me to stop and think. In light of the CT shootings, I can only imagine that if anyone needed a soul to be restored it would be the families and friends of those poor victims. Losing a child would be the most intolerable pain that I can fathom. Think about even the lack of vocabulary in our language; we don’t have a word to describe a parent who loses a child. A widow has lost his wife; an orphan has lost his parent; we can’t even describe a parent who loses a child because even the notion causes grief. It is just so sad; the whole thing is just so sad. I sincerely pray that anyone grieving will turn to God for comfort and restoration. He is grieving too.

I heard this message today, and although it brought tears to my eyes, it was consoling. Pastor Ray Johnston is in Roseville, CA at Bayside Church.

From Pastor Ray:

Today is a heartbreaking day. Our nation experienced the second worst school shooting in American history. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families and everyone affected by this senseless tragedy. I, like all Americans, am devastated. 

During tragic times like this there is inevitably a mad scramble for CLARITY. How could this happen? Why would a good and loving God let this happen? Who’s to blame for this senseless violence? 

The problem – Shallow Christian clichés fall short and ultimately Clarity never comes…because at best, we see ‘through a glass dimly…’

During times like this we think we need Clarity when what we really need is Certainty. 

  •  I am certain that this senseless act breaks the heart of God because…
  • I am certain that God understands what it means to lose a son.
  •  I am certain that every one of today’s victims was precious to God.
  •  I am certain that God is near to the brokenhearted.
  •  I am certain that no life ever is devoid of meaning no matter how short.
  •  I am certain that Jesus meant it when he said, ‘Let the little children come to me’. 
  •  I am certain that life is precious and that every day with your kids is a gift.
  •  I am certain that America needs to rediscover a reverence for life.
  •  I am certain that a day is coming when suffering will cease and God will reign.
  • •I am certain that when anyone closes their eyes here for the last time and wakes up in the arms of Jesus – they will be more alive than they have ever been. 



One response

18 12 2012
David Pendley

Great words Linda! This was my ‘Utmost’ today.

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