Do you remember how it felt….

10 09 2012

Do you remember how you felt when you bought your first home?  Please send me over your story; I’d love to hear it!

This couple dreamed of the day they would finally move into their first home with their four children.  Finding an affordable home in the suburbs of Chicago on a Youth Pastor’s salary is no easy task.  Fast forward to closing day; the grateful look on their faces says it all!

My husband, Tye, and I bought our first home in 2005, and I remember it like it was yesterday.  A small 2 bedroom townhome in Plainfield weeks after our wedding…but to us it felt like we were moving into a mansion in Beverly Hills.

The entire buying process can be intimidating; being a former teacher, I love taking the time to educate people on the home buying process. It is important that my clients feel knowledgeable about what they can expect throughout the transaction.  I never want the complexities of the process to steal the joy of buying a first home.

If you know anyone who is considering buying a home it would be an honor to help them.


Linda Fox – contact information under Contact Me.




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