The Bionic Bopper Cars – Hammacher Schlemmer

11 05 2012

For $17,000 y0u can have your very own robot! My co-worker says they’re worth every penny! 

These are the motorized boxers controlled by two drivers who battle to deliver chin-lifting uppercuts for victory. Similar to bumper cars, a driver up to 300 lbs. sits inside the robot’s protective steel cage cockpit and uses a thumb-triggered button on two independent joysticks to activate two pneumatic-powered, tire-tread-fisted arms, which throw upward punches at an opposing robot’s head. A successful hit sends an opposing robot’s head back, scoring a point. A Honda gas engine powers each robot’s hidden wheels up to 3 mph for forward, backward, and left and right spins, required for maneuvering into position for a scoring punch. Each vehicle has a bumper that keeps sparring pugilists at the optimal distance for scoring. A front-mounted display in each robot’s mid-section tallies successful scoring punches. Its fuel capacity provides up to five hours of uninterrupted bouts; a built-in rechargeable 12-volt battery provides power for the electronics. Contests take place on smooth surfaces as small as 16′ sq. Sturdy steel frame with fiberglass and aluminum body panels. Ages 8 and up. Special conditions and guarantee limitations apply. Please call 1-800-227-3528 for details. 74″ H x 59″ W x 62″ D. (850 lbs.)

via The Bionic Bopper Cars – Hammacher Schlemmer.




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