Wayside Cross Ministries in Aurora, IL

7 02 2012

A few of us from Avenue Mortgage had the opportunity to visit Wayside Cross Missions in Aurora . Thanks to James Lukose and Jim Callahan for opening our eyes to the unbelievable need that’s all around us. If you or your family are looking for ways to volunteer or give back to the community, I encourage you to visit www.waysidecross.org. I’ve highlighted “Linda’s Story” below; she’s a resident of  LifeSpring – housing and helping women and children.

Linda’s Story

Linda“Lifespring has helped transform my life into a person that I love. I have a purpose now and I am someone. It has helped show me and many other women where our strength lies, and that is in Christ – and He is the solid rock I lean on daily. I thank the Lord for Lifespring and all the staff He sent there to Shepherd us.”

In early spring, Linda’s pastor in Jacksonville, Florida, feared for her life in an abusive marriage. He made arrangements to send her to Lifespring where a family member of his serves on Wayside’s Board. Linda arrived…battered and frightened. However, she was able to see God’s hand upon her and this pathway to a better life.

In the loving and safe environment of Lifespring, Linda adjusted to the many changes and challenges of living with rules and a schedule…along with lots of women and children! Although she missed her friends and family in Florida, Linda flourished making new friends and discovered new meaning and purpose in her life.

Linda has touched many people…the residents, staff and volunteers at Lifespring, as well as people she works and attends church with. What a beautiful day it was when nearly 60 guests attended her graduation – including her mother, grandmother and sister-in-law who drove up from Florida. All felt privileged to witness the transformation in Linda’s life and see what God has done!

Linda currently works as an Office Manager in Batavia, attends the Vineyard Church in Aurora and has an apartment at Lifespring where she is a Resident Assistant (RA).





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