“Why did I do that?” answered!

23 12 2011

Have you ever wondered, “Why the heck did I do that?”  That thought goes through my head pretty often, but less so now that I’m “more experienced” in life. In general terms, I always knew that I could talk to anyone and that I liked to make others feel good. I also love to be in charge and the appreciation that comes along with it (hey – at least I’m being honest about it!).

Recently I took this personality test (it’s free!) and I was LIBERATED by the results. First of all, it was so cool for me to see there is an entire group of people out there who have the same personality traits that I do. I also loved seeing – on paper – an explanation for some of the actions that came naturally to me. Here’s a few of the comments that stood out to me:

  • providers take it upon themselves to insure the health and welfare of those in their care
  • providers are cooperative, gregarious, and sensitive to the feelings of others
  • they become restless when isolated from people
  • loving and affectionate, they need to be loved in return
  • providers can be crushed by personal criticism

If you get the opportunity, take this personality test and let me know your traits and if you think they’re descriptive of you!

via: Personality Test – Keirsey Temperament Website.




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23 12 2011

Great blog post Linda!

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