The Power of Choosing

4 10 2011

In my life, I am the chooser choosing: Do I say, “Look what life is doing to

me?” Or do I say, “Look what I am doing to life?” There is power in

choosing. There is a special power in knowing I am the chooser at every

moment, in every situation, even when I do not take action, even when I do

not make a decision I am choosing to not decide. I am choosing not to take

action. At every moment I choose who to keep company with – or not to keep

company. I choose what I learn – or not to learn anything. I choose who I

spend my time – including choosing to not choose. In life I choose my

mentors- or not to have a mentor, not to admire and emulate anybody, not to

ask for help. When I go out the door, I turn left or right, or straight

ahead. The path I take can influence my whole life. I can even choose not to

go out at all. Most importantly, I choose which ideas, actions, foods,

drinks, substances I say “no” to and which I say “yes” to. I teach myself a

thousand times a day to make brilliant decisions – or not. By Sami Sunchild




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