Maximum Achievement by Brian Tracy

18 09 2011

I read this book while playing volleyball at Purdue and continue to find the information useful… here’s a little excerpt that was underlined AND highlighted.


Napoleon Hill found that almost every one of the wealthy men he interviewed had achieved their great successes one step beyond what appeared to be their greatest failure. It was when every outward indication suggested that it was time to quit and to give up that they were the very closest to breaking through to their goals. It is almost as if your superconscious mind gives you the final test just before you arrive at your destination. It is when you are going through your most difficult learning experiences that you must draw on your ability to control your mind and have faith that the difficulty you face is simply part of the process that will inevitably bring you through to your goal. A characteristic of successful men and women is that they never use the word “failure.” They look upon temporary defeats and setbacks as simply another way of learning how to succeed. They seek within every obstacle or disappointment the seed of equal or greater benefit or opportunity. They learn from every experience. They refuse to get upset. They keep their minds calm, positive, and focused on their goals. As a result, they keep their superconscious capabilities switched on.


via: Maximum Achievement – Strategies and Skills That Will Unlock Your Hidden Powers to Succeed by Brian Tracy. 1993. Fireside




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