“Top Weekend of 2011”

5 09 2011

There have been some pretty great weekends so far this year, but I may have to go out there and say that this could be my top pick for 2011. We spent the past 3 days with some very good friends and their kids in Michigan. Here’s my top 10 activities for Labor Day Weekend:

10.  Eating cream-filled long johns at the Golden Brown Bakery in South Haven, Michigan these are the kind of doughnuts that make your teeth hurt they are so sweet… and oh so very worth it.

9.  a BEAUTIFUL beach day on Saturday, complete with kids splashing in the waves, watching our dog, Greta, chase balls into the water, warm sunshine and sand, and that feeling of “enjoy this moment now because it won’t be here again for another 9 months.”

8.  Picking peaches at Jolly Orchard in Coloma, MI. We took a hay ride around the Orchard (the kids’ first!), and we ate fresh peaches off the tree. Tye made the most delicious peach cobbler with vanilla ice cream tonight – enough said!

7.  Running up and down the sand dunes with the kids – remember the doughnuts from number 10? I had to do this a few extra times to run off the sugar high that was racing through my veins.

6.  A nap while the kids napped – they say if you get up 30 minutes earlier you add 7.5 days to your year. This was one of those times where sleeping definitely trumped the extra awake time. It’s the quality not the quantity….

5.  Going back to the beach after the nap, only to realize the water was warmer than the air. 4 kids and 4 adults decided to jump into Lake Michigan fully dressed; quite possibly one of my favorite days ever.

4. 4 kids and 4 adults, freezing cold after being fully dressed in Lake Michigan, getting into a nice warm hot tub. Oh the joy.

3.  Still trying to warm up… cooking S’mores by the fire. If you put a caramel in too they’re called “Shutter-uppers.”

2.  Headed back down to the beach with the kids to watch the sunset. It was especially sweet because it had been raining the night before, and I knew this would be the last sunset I watched over Lake Michigan for the rest of the year.

1. And finally, top activity was spending 3 days getting to know my kids, my husband, and my friends just a little bit better and getting the opportunity to love them just a little bit more.




One response

6 09 2011

Awesome weekend! Smores are good with Reese’s PB miniatures too! We have not tried the caramel, but sounds yummy!

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