The 10 Best College Rivalries- does your Alma Mater make the list?

1 09 2011





Passionate college football fans everywhere always think their rivalry is the most important. They get absolutely up-in-arms if you dare to disagree.

No matter where you go to school, it’s likely your football team has some kind of rival. Every year the big game is discussed for months in advance and drives thousands of loosely affiliated students into a united frenzy.

Some face-offs have been around forever. The Pennsylvania colleges Lafayette and Lehigh have played a game known simply as “The Rivalry” 146 times. Other rivalries are constantly evolving and growing in popularity, like the “Holy War” between Utah and Brigham Young University. While you can make arguments for every match-up, this slide show features 10 of the most popular college rivalries.

via The 10 Best College Rivalries.

The Huffington Post   Brandon Farestad-Rittel   First Posted: 9/1/11 08:27 AM ET   Updated: 9/1/11 08:35 AM ET




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