Yikes, I didn’t expect to see that…

29 08 2011

While sharing a perfectly fine Sunday morning with my kids and husband, I noticed something particularly disturbing on my wall – sagging drywall and sliding paint. I just had my first sip of coffee; I didn’t even get to enjoy the whole cup before heading directly into worry-mode for the day (and it lasted long into the night as well…).

So Tye crawled up into the attic, poked his head around, and low and behold, found a nail that was dripping water into our drywall. First thoughts:  How much is that going to cost and how are we going to pay for that? I wonder – is that the general reaction when someone finds out they need a fix?

Tye has a wonderful perspective on life. His advice to me was this: “We don’t have any information. We don’t know exactly what’s wrong, and we don’t know how much it’s going to cost. Why worry about it now?” I love that man.

I have roofers coming to inspect. I know I’ll think about it, and if we’re being honest, fear, concern, alarm, apprehension, and anxiety are better adjectives to describe this process rather than worry. However, a  wise friend of mine just told me, “If your problems can be fixed by money, then they’re not really problems.” I’ll try to focus on the fact that everyone is happy and healthy. Hard to do sometimes, but tomorrow is another day. Maybe I’ll think about that as I enjoy my next cup of coffee.




One response

1 09 2011

Love your blog, and will keep Tye’s attitude in mind!

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