a time gone by…

12 08 2011

We went to Michigan for the weekend to attend a family reunion. 20 of us stayed in two cottages; well 20 0f us, and about 180,000 mosquitos. I haven’t worn bug spray in 10 years but this year…I had to have it! Even while taking this picture I was eaten alive. We had a great time despite the bugs, the exploding hot water tank, and the power outage for 2 days. The gang hung in there replacing bonfires for electricity, washing hair in the lake for a hot shower, and running really fast to avoid being bitten. It made me kind of miss the “good ol’ days” even though I really never experienced a life without all the modern conveniences. Tye and I washed dishes by hand! I think we’ll make our boys hand wash dishes, just because. They will think I’m sooo old-fashioned!




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