My Story

5 08 2011

When I was 5, my mom asked me to pack everything that I thought I would need for an entire summer at a cottage in Michigan; it’s a good thing she checked before we left because I packed a whole suitcase full of shoes! She was always teaching me little lessons on how to be independent. My parents always let me go out and be my own person, try new things, and learn lessons for myself.

They kept me busy with sports from the age of 3 because even from a very young age, I liked to pack as much as possible into a single day. Sports were a great way to keep me focused and disciplined. I loved the lifestyle, the sense of teamwork, and the feeling of being exhausted at the end of the day – knowing I gave it my all. I dedicated my life to volleyball, playing it year-round so it was easy to make the transition when I was offered to play Big 10 Volleyball at Purdue University in West  Lafayette, IN. I’m proud of that accomplishment; it wasn’t easy by any stretch. I tore my ACL twice while playing and my knees will never be the same. But I took away some great life lessons and I wouldn’t have traded it for the world.

I studied Education at Purdue, because in my family you were either a teacher or in sales. I was a natural teacher and knew that’s what I wanted to do like my mother,  her 3 sisters, and my grandmother. I worked in a little town in Indiana for 2 years and loved going to work each day. I felt like those kids really needed me, and I still keep in touch with some them via Facebook over 15 years later. Some of the students had come in from Mexico and didn’t speak a lick of English, and I had studied French in school…. I hated the feeling of not being able to communicate so I packed my bags and moved to Costa Rica. My dad made me promise to find a job before I left. I thought I was an independent 25-year-old… he still thought I was his little girl. We decided to meet somewhere in the middle.

I had a great time in Costa Rica. I joined an ultimate frisbee team, learned Spanish (which at first was more like point and grunt), and had a chance to visit the wonders of the country. I decided that I really wanted to learn more about the technical aspect of the language, and so after 2 years I returned to Purdue to earn my Masters Degree in Spanish Linguistics.

While at Purdue, I became close with a number of people in the Sales field. When my husband and I moved back to Chicagoland, I took a job with GN Mortgage. I had a wonderful team who showed me the intricate in’s and out’s of what it takes to be truly thorough with mortgages. I spent my time reading programs and guidelines and increasing my knowledge about the Mortgage Industry as well as talking to as many professionals as I could. However, my time was spent behind the scenes, and I feel like I am best suited to work with clients and friends directly.

I love being at Avenue Mortgage. The entire staff is so professional, supportive, and knowledgable. I truly feel that this is where I am supposed to be.




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